What started as a humorous T-Shirt between a couple of old salts turned into something people wanted.

So, we give the people what they want – and that allows us to give back to what we love.....Sea Life and everything surrounding & supporting it.

Each design has a dedicated program, charity, or organization to which we donate a portion of the proceeds.

Help us do good while we help you look good…..Boat-A-Bing!

While we have fun with our T-shirts, we don’t fool around when it comes to protecting what we love.

We believe all humans have a responsibility to protect the planet & the creatures we share it with.

For boaters, beach goers, island hoppers & old barnacles like us we believe that protecting the waterways and the wildlife that inhabit them is not only a responsibility but a calling.

Most of the captains we’ve encountered over the years share the same belief. While we do the best we can, when we can, more can always be done.

To that end, we strive to bring awareness & support through our brand to specific organizations we believe are doing some amazing, meaningful work.